Role & Responsibility

Associate at CookFox Architects

Team member responsible for schematic design, floor plan layouts, preparing and organizing presentations.

Image credit:  © CookFox Architect



  • Design Intent: A three million square foot mixed-use complex, was designed to replace a Brutalist-era parking garage, re-knit the surrounding neighborhoods, and produce the highest caliber workplace in Boston.
  • Location:  Boston, MA
  • Competition
  • Size: 3 Million SF
  • Commercial / Residential / Unbuilt
  • Description: The project is envisioned as an extension of the adjacent Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, with green roofs planned for every roof surface. The mass of the towers is carefully sculpted to minimize shadows on the Greenway, while the angled peaks of the tallest tower – a reference to the original three hills of Boston – provide maximum exposure for solar PV panels. In addition, the project would aim to produce the majority of its own power on-site.