Role & Responsibility


Designer at CookFox Architects

Team member responsible for schematic design phase and design development phase, preparing and organizing presentations, assisting curtain wall design and podium canopy design.

Image credit:  © CookFox Architect



Design Intent: In response to its dense urban context, the building challenges the boundaries of public and private space with a highly transparent corner entry.  To represent a shift in thinking about modern building design, achieving at large scale many of the green building movement’s most transformative ideas for water and energy conservation, material efficiency, and indoor environmental quality.

  • Location:  New York, NY
  • Completed 2010
  • Size: 21,000 SF
  • The First LEED Platinum Certified Commercial Skyscraper
  • Description: As it rises from the uniform street grid, the massing of the tower shifts, increasing the verticality of its proportions as well as the surface area exposed to daylight. The resulting angular facets open up oblique views around and through the forest of Midtown skyscrapers. On its southeast exposure, a deep double wall orients the building in its full height toward Bryant Park. The building’s floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall minimizes solar heat gain through low-e glass and heat-reflecting ceramic frit while simultaneously providing exquisite views.