Role & Responsibility


Senior Designer at CookFox Architects

Senior Designer responsible for designing and preparing DD and  CD and pricing set, weekly CA meetings, Coordinating move-in and managing ongoing office changes and preparing project documentation for LEED Platinum certification.

Image credit: ©CookFox Architects


Design Intent: Create unique office space that would allow them to expand and grow as an up and coming Architecture and Sustainable Design Firm.  They were also looking for a design that would reflect the goals and ideals that they embodied. The new office space needed to be a showroom for elegant design and sustainability.


  • Located:  641 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY
  • Completed July 2006

  • 12,121 square feet

  • The first LEED Platinum project in New York State, the 4th LEED-CI  Platinum project in the country

  • 3600 square foot green roof